Mordor Must Resist! (LD#25)

“Mordor Must Resist!” born for the contest Ludum Dare # 25, where the theme of the game was “You are the Villain” and I chose to let the player play the role of Sauron, the evil lord of “The Lord of the Rings” book that has marked my childhood.
The game is developed with Game Maker Studio and is a “Tower Defense Action” where you have to defend yourself from advancing army of Middle Earth come to defeat you, your main weapon will be eye shot and you will have support from four “magic” that will activate as you increase the score.
The game has no end, or better “the end is your defeat”, its only purpose is to challenge your own endurance and ,if you want, you can challenge your friends/colleagues who achieves the highest score resisting longer.


I hope you will have fun, I know that it is very stupid, but it was fun to be developed.


For the Charity Game Jam I edited this same game that I made almost a year ago jokingly on the optional option to add the word “Turbo” to the name of the game .. And here’s to you “Mordor Must Resist! II Turbo“, yes Sauron has trained his orcs in the best Arcades of the city! Below you find the link to the game and the link to Child’s Play association which I fully support the mission.




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