About Me

Hi, first thank you for being here. I will try to describe myself in the best way, forgive my bad English sometimes I’m wrong.
My name is Umberto, I was born in ’85 in Italy and I grew up with the culture of the 80’s that I still love, I could tell you the endless list of TV shows, movies and cartoons that I’ve watched that could make you blow your mind. As a child I listened to classics of Michael Jackson .. and this says a lot.

When I was 6 years old, my father brought home a Commodore 64, which it’s still up and running, from that moment I fell in love with those pixels, mono sounds and loading screens with their endless waiting that you had to suffer to start a simple game (like Bubble Bobble). After that we took our first PC, discovering its internal components, and from there I decided to undertake technical studies in high school where I learned the programming principles using C and Visual Basic.

After the end of the school I decided not to follow the university, but to work and study in my spare time until 2008 when I started working for a consulting company and in their office I began to take my first steps in C# and the Microsoft world. Since that day, six years have passed and I have learned a lot, and certainly much more I have to learn, from one programming language to another or from one platform to another without many issues and always finishing projects with success, but let’s go ahead and talk about the real reason for the existence of this blog..

I feel a bit uncomfortable to call myself an Indie Game Developer, probably because I have to do a long road before I can really call myself that, even if the real reason is that I have met many good people in this field over the past few months (from Global Game Jam 2014 to be precise) of my life to make me realize that the leap I need to do is really long, but not so far.

I’ve observed their work, the way they work and their creative process. All these things made my brain started to think, to take action, to try to steal the best from these people. I like to motivate myself by comparing myself with them, essentially. And this is great.

I have made some new friends, with whom I began to collaborate on projects that I hope to share with in my posts in the future, in these months I’ve been experimenting a lot with Unity 3D which I find it fantastic for making prototypes and develop on multiple platforms with little effort.

Enjoy your stay here and try my games as well, I would be very pleased.



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