Global Game Jam 2014 – DONE!

I have participated to the Global Game Jam this year for my first time and it was awesome .
I ‘ve known a lot of guys with the same passion and there was a good exchange of points of views and knowledge , I was also lucky to have found a team well-composed with: three programmers (plus me), a 2D designer , two 3D modelers and also a Sound designer ( which are generally elements impossible to find in these type of events).
The game that came out is not complete , or perhaps you can define it a pre-alpha, but the designers did an excellent job and the graphic is pretty much perfect, the game mechanics, on the other hand, we found bugs in the last hour of development that we have been careful to complete the build because we knew that we could not have ever done, but it is normal , after all, for all of us was the first time that we put hands on a Unity project , seriously .

I will try to create a page to the game of JAM here on the blog and then the various updates, because we are going to finish it to really give a sense of the idea .

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