Work in progress on Mordor Must Resist! v2.0

I’m working in my spare time on new features that will be included in the new version of the game made ​​for the Ludum Dare # 25 (obviously “Mordor Must Resist”).
Here are the things successfully implemented:

Auto fire (no need to spam the left mouse button)
+ Highscore board implemented (Each player can challenge your friends at home or, as I do, my work colleagues)
+ Spells: Added 4 spells: 3 unlockable to the score of 650/2200/4500.
Spell 1: Arrows (orc archers will shoot two arrows to hit the eagles coming from above)
Spell 2: Trolls (2 large trolls come out from the tower that will kill the first 10 enemy units that will be on their way)
Spell 3: Meteors (A meteor shower will wipe out a large number of incoming enemies)
Spell 4: Heal (The tower will regenerate 30% of his life)

See ya soon


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